Our vision for the Ride to Thrive campaign for 2021 is:

To inspire and promote cycling as part of an active lifestyle through the improvement of health and wellbeing initiatives.

By inspiring and connecting people from all walks of life to “Ride to Thrive” we are encouraging people to sign up as Ride to Thrive Champions.


Someone who wants to help others to look after their health and wellbeing. 

What does the Champion do?

Click on this link to sign up to be a Champion. There is no cost to you and lots to gain.

Then encourage everyone you know to enter a Gran Fondo ride. Tell them to select your name as a Champion. 

The more people entered under your name, the more post-ride benefits your group will receive.

What will we do for you (as a Ride to Thrive Champion)?

You will be provided with tips and tricks for training towards your Gran Fondo event, along with encouragement from fellow members in your group.

On the day perks may include food, drinks (these will be relative to the size of your Champion group). A group of 10 or more members qualifies for on the day perks. 

How can RIDE help your employees and your company?

Increase your employees workplace productivity through the effective use of a health and wellbeing toolkit –

PwC conducted a study that shows that every dollar spent on the mental health of your employees returns $2.31 in revenue.

5 ways to wellness by the NZ Mental Health Organisation states the below – RIDE is providing a vehicle to mobilise these in your workplace. 

BE ACTIVE – We say ride a bike, anywhere, just ride. 

CONNECT – RIDE to THRIVE is about connecting people together through a common goal.

KEEP LEARNING – Aim for a GRAN FONDO event – 18km, 67km or 103km and learn from our tips and tricks we send through to the Champions.

TAKE NOTICE – See how far you have come, notice your progress both on and off the bike.

GIVE – Champion the RIDE to THRIVE program in your workplace to support people’s health and wellbeing.