We love cycling!


The team at RIDE absolutely love cycling. All forms from commuting to track cycling, mountain biking to road racing and everything in between.

To celebrate we are putting a lot of ‘cycling love’ around the Vantage Elite Nationals and Gran Fondo.

This includes a grand opening night of legend cyclists and potentially criterium racing with Hamilton Airport on Thursday 13th Feb 2020.

Both Saturday and Sunday will see the APL Party in the Park – including cycle power smoothie making and artwork painting, bouncy castles, food trucks and bean bags for relaxing in. This will run 10am to 3pm both days.

An extra special event on Saturday the 15th at 7pm is The Big Bike Film Night brought to you by Foster Construction.  This will be a fantastic time of sitting in the park with a picnic dinner watching some incredibly inspiring films. See the movie trailer here.